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David Lanzendörfer david.lanzendoerfer at o2s.ch
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When I open https://pads.ccc.de/libre-silicon everything is there...
I've attached the text


On Monday, 9 April 2018 11:18:49 AM HKT Hagen SANKOWSKI wrote:
> Hello.
> Saved someone the yesterday mumble meeting notes on pirate pad?
> Today, as I want to look at that, the link is empty.
> Regards,
> Hagen.
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Best regards

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libre silicon
Feel free to write here in German or English, we will try to translate everything into English as time permits.

mumble meetings:
 * We need to plan to the test structures on the first mask set
 * LWN -Article

- How open do we want to go -> "as open as possible"
    patents to defend yourself
    try to make everyone play nice
    need to find a license
    Enforcement is an issue
    we have a lawyer onboard who helps us!
CMOS patent: https://patents.google.com/patent/US3356858
Various Options:
 *  idea to hand over patents to a foundation to keep it save
   * makes us more agile
   *  can lawsuits be funded 
 * Let's run it as a commercial business. Only in this way can we grow and support the OSH community sustainably

License and transpararency is more important than patents

    document HK setup what we can do
    MVP to show possibilities 
        First mask set
        Congress as marker
    Long term goal: help others get started (by providing documentation)

 * dual licenses
   * code quality needs to better for free one on (github) to make it attractive to play nice on free code
 * viral elements? (compare CC SA or GPL vs BSD)
 * Verification of product via license

Target audience:
 * more small players/startups etc
 * less the big players who have established process (they get disturbances)

Revenue channels/License Fees (Name/Brand?)

Library (build up knowledge base)
(OCW/Lecture slides, papers)

Hackathon should be organized soon
- find rooms with sleeping area, shower etc
- at Berlin?
- Target: bring together programmer and chip developer for the tool chain and rise a common understanding of a smooth process
- document it, so it can be reproduced

Development of our future customers
- holding talks about Libre Silicion (GPN in Mai?)
- holding workshops to teach people making chips (Verilog, Design Flow, etc)

Next items to do
- articel LWN

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