[Libre-silicon-devel] Fundraising & PearlRiver v2

David Lanzendörfer leviathan at libresilicon.com
Sat Aug 3 07:22:27 CEST 2019

I just had an idea on my own BTW
What about making deep oxide holes with this mask before sputtering metal1?
Since between the metal layers we will anyway deposit nitride now as CMP stop
we will have dielectrics for  free essentially.
So when making a big hole, we basically have deep caps between metal1 and 


On Saturday, 3 August 2019 1:18:03 PM HKT David Lanzendörfer wrote:
> Also, we've still got ONE dark field square left on one of the masks.
> -> Ideas for an additional feature needing a dark field mask? 

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