[Libre-silicon-devel] Tools for VLSI Design - LibreSilicon flavored Live-DVD

ludwig jaffe ludwig.jaffe at gmail.com
Sat Feb 2 18:40:14 CET 2019

Hi I could maintain a repository to be added to /etc/apt/sources.list

so apt will find the packages
this should work for debian and ubuntu and one could try to statically link
the tools if they need old stuff like motif or even older stuff that could
create dependency problems as every distro is a bit different.
But the first step is to maintain a dynamically linked version of the tools
for debian stable and ubuntu lts.
This should be not too much work.
No need fir a life cd.
Just a howto for adding our repo to the distribution.

Regarding electric: how to host a 600M tarball of html code docunentation.
Github accepts only 100M blobs. So splitting up the docu part of electric
did not help much.
If you want to code with electric git clone levush/electric
read the readme on compiling and have gixygen and graphviz installed to
make the docu.
There is still a path problem in the Doxyfile as relative paths sonehow are
not working correctly.
If someone knows better please look at the different Versions of Doxyfile
in the project and improve it.
The code base is quite huge so one would need to surf the code to
understand it. Doxygen is a cool tool for analysis of code written by

If we want to develop with electric we need to find what should be improved
and try to understand the code to the extend needed fir this task.
Otherwhise electric sits there beeing rescued from beeing depublished in
favor of the shity java version but thats it.



On Saturday, February 2, 2019, Hagen SANKOWSKI <hsank at po

steo.de> wrote:
> Hello Ludwig, Hello List.
> Thanks Ludwig for your Effort to compile some tools!
> I came across the fact, that the Debian family of Distributions has
> already compiled packages for qflow, which also includes yosys and magic..
> IMHO we should have a working tool flow, which allows us to work on our
> project and others to follow us.
> Ludwig, do you like to setup and maintain a (Debian/Mint clone) Live-DVD
> with all tools already installed tools?
> I would vote (at least) for
> - qflow
> - yosys
> - magic
> - klayout
> - electric
> - (lua)latex (while with easier UTF-8 usage!)
> all in the latest and greatest version. Plus all stuff we are developing
> here, like
> - lsc
> - popcorn
> - melmac
> - ... etc.
> Additional (in later versions) I can think about distributing nice
> documentations not only about the process, but also how-to, cookery
> books of how to make chips.
> A Linux Live-System is obviously the best way to let rubbernecks try out
> LibreSilicon without the need to struggle through a large installation
> process.
> Someone like to take the task?? Or who has great contacts to package
> manager for keeping the packages actual?
> Best regards,
> Hagen.
> P.S.: the Fedora Spin with Electronic Lab is quite old, was for Fedora
> 13 I guess..

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