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ludwig jaffe ludwig.jaffe at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 12:25:47 CET 2019

Hi Hagen,

you are right. We should support RHEL aka as CentOS / scientific.
I would build a RPM  ppa repo, and need to find out how to do it.
But here we should support the newest stable Centos. Scientific
is roughly the same, but testing it is some work so I want to concentrate
on some reference systems
(I will then use VMs {debian, ubuntu-studio-lts, centos} to test install
the stuff)
But I dont like centos, because:
I played around with different PPA for centos / fedora and after a while,
I got a completely screwed system with dependencies completely f*cked up.
(Install fnord-lib > 1.42 and  install fnord-lib <1.23).
Debian is more complete then centos and centos uses older versions of
libraries compared to especially ubuntu.
As Ubuntu is quite modern and well maintained, many developers like it.
And for non secure systems I use ubuntu-studio so multi media works fine out
of the box as my standard desktop machine.
Also ubuntu-studio it does not have the stupid adware bloat of ubuntu,
where I never look again as they lost their credits with this adware
shipping shit.
Using qubes template VMs I can fight against the hell of a screwed up
I am sure :-)

no hipster mac will ever be supported!
No Mac stuff will ever be bought as the apple quality sucks!
I had (I was lured in by a student discount offer) a new mac book pro with
core2duo and
pci-express slot where the screen died after 1,5 years and the battery blew
up like a bread
in the oven and apple did not care for warranty "sue us if you dare to"
So apple should die. If you *really* (no right and middle mouse button ->
how to
use xfig! ) like mac-os buy a dell-pig machine (laptop or workstation
and make it a hackintosh -> mac and dell are build after intel arch specs)

Recommended HW:
And I use my "secure"-os which is qubes on a pig machine (no hipster mac
stuff will ever be bought as the apple quality sucks).
A pig machine is a big fat workstation made by dell or HP containing at
one xeon cpu and enough RAM (>32GB) to have several VM running at the time.
The pig machines can be used with qubes-os and depending on your peripheral
needs (I often play with PCI-X and scsi so the architecture with fbdimm and
core4duo based 45nm xeons is perfect for that, as it is imho the last
lecacy-rich architecture)
If you want just build software go for a modern pig machine with lots of RAM
and CPU cores, and ask for an electricity flat or see the machine as a aux.
system :-)
"RAM is like engine displacement and it can only be replaced by more engine
or RAM respectively"
"If you thought you know linux, just install qubes-os and learn how to
drill a hole into
your right and left knees while trying to do something that you thought is
5 minutes
on a linux shell"


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