[Libre-silicon-devel] Using 3D Printers to create our own photomasks

David Lanzendörfer david.lanzendoerfer at o2s.ch
Sat Feb 9 16:40:31 CET 2019

You're already on the right track, but biological 3D printers aren't it.
In the NFF lab we'll be using the Nanoscribe 3D printer, but it's for producing nano stamps.
The life span of those stamps is limited.
If you wanna go submicron you need a laserscriber with a proper resolution,
as well as an exposure unit which can handle this resolution.
Using direct transfer isn't suitable for mass manufacturing.


> Hello list,
> I’d like to know if it is feasible/suitable to use 3D printers “like" the
> following (something with better resolution) to create our own photomasks?
> http://www.microlight.fr/bioprinters.html
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