[Libre-silicon-devel] ADC for Northpoint

Hagen SANKOWSKI hsank at posteo.de
Mon Feb 25 13:43:05 CET 2019

On 2/25/19 11:37 AM, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> A differential pair driver and receiver would be an extremely important
> strategic addition that would form the basis of LVDS, MIPI, PCIe and
> protocols based on it, SATA, USB2, USB3 and more.


> That's a heck of a lot of protocols covered, an extremely high bang per
> buck ratio.

Well, I already put differential driver and receiver on my personal wish
list. Unfortunately my skills in such analog cells are kind of limited..
Someone with more knowledge and experience in this area should take the
And, as long as we are in the higher voltage supply range differential
IO cells are not so quite common. This cells become more interesting
with 3.3 Volt and below.

> Variants can be to change the impedance eg for DDR3/4 however just
> dropping in some resistors inline would be a temporary substitute, so it
> is not so essential (impedance matching on DDR3/4 is absolutely
> essential and is done dynamically by the PHY)

You mentioned MIPI in the list above also - this seems to be very
challenging, the voltage drop between high and low is smaller than LVDS.
But yes, MIPI is nowadays everywhere in cheap devices, from cameras to
displays and entering the IoT market also.

So it would be nice if someone of you takes the task :-)


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