[Libre-silicon-devel] Status request: ADC

Hagen SANKOWSKI hsank at posteo.de
Thu Jan 3 09:27:18 CET 2019

Hello Christoph! Hello List.

On 1/3/19 9:04 AM, Christoph Maier wrote:

>> But yes, transfer gates are feasible, on the wish list and you'll get
>> them as soon as the PMOS and NMOS are characterized with PearlRiver :-)
> Isolated bulk and
> high voltage switches for charge pumps etc. are also insteresting ...
> as later step.

You can see what we already have for PearlRiver here:

In this Library Directory are

high voltage Mosfets
- L500_HVNFET_W108_L22_params.mag
- L500_HVPFET_W108_L22_params.mag

isolated Mosfets, Ferec voted for
- L500_NMOSi_W10_L10_params.mag
- L500_NMOSi_W20_L20_params.mag
- L500_NMOSi_W3_L2_params.mag
- L500_NMOSi_W3_L3_params.mag
- L500_NMOSi_W3_L8_params.mag
- L500_NMOSi_W40_L40_params.mag
- L500_NMOSi_W5_L5_params.mag
- L500_NMOSi_W8_L3_params.mag
- L500_NMOSi_W8_L8_params.mag

- L500_NPN1.mag
- L500_NPN2.mag
- L500_PNP1.mag
- L500_PNP2.mag

isolated NPN BJT
- L500_NPNi1.mag
- L500_NPNi2.mag

BTW, all sizes are in Lambda (as half the feature size Lambda is 500nm),
hence the L500 in the file names.

Let's play :-)

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