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Hello All,

I would note that if we want to use KICAD for analog design, then another
feature would be needed: the possiblity of "parametric cells". For example,
if we need an AND gate, we can simply take it from the library. But if we
need a transistor with a 123/8u size and 15 fingers for some reason, that
cannot be solved using static library cells, as pre-designing all possible
combinations is not realistic. Instead, we need an approach in which the
library element is not a layout, but a script that takes parameters and
generates the layout in real-time. Upon instantiation, the generated layout
is included into the design as a "normal" subcell and travels with the
design (that is, it is embedded into the design and not just referenced
from the lib). But when the parameters are changed, the script is re-run
and the in-design instance is updated.


On Sun, Jan 20, 2019 at 3:42 PM David Lanzendörfer <
david.lanzendoerfer at o2s.ch> wrote:

> Hi folks
> So we need to approach the folks from CERN who design the KiCAD tool.
> What I would like to ask them is, whether they could take  the code base
> of
> their PCB editor and hack it a bit, so that it can place and route VLSI
> designs as well.
> As far as I know KiCAD, it's actually already possible, by constraining
> the
> angles of the wires to 90 degrees and adding a grid lock for placement of
> components.
> What is missing though, is the ability to load gds libraries and to export
> it
> into GDS/Magic/DEF.
> It would be cool to have KiCAD for drawing analog circuits and then
> generating
> a VLSI layout from it, where you can drag and drop your components
> accordingly
> and connect it like in a PCB.
> Cheers
>         David_______________________________________________
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