[Libre-silicon-devel] KiCAD VLSI design

Hagen SANKOWSKI hsank at posteo.de
Wed Jan 23 21:26:42 CET 2019

Hello Tim, Hello List!

On 1/23/19 8:59 PM, Tim Edwards wrote:
>> Thanks, Luke, for mentioning Alliance. I had forgotten about it, but now
>> have read this book which has a nice example of using it:
>> http://www.cc.toin.ac.jp/sc/palacios/openbook/vlsie.pdf
> An existance proof for Alliance documentation!  Thanks for dredging
> this up!
> Honestly, I have never seen Alliance documentation before.  This is
> more of a tutorial than actual proguram documentation, but it does the
> job.
> Slightly discouraging is the line that the (NERO) router can handle "up
> to 4K gates".  Another discouraging line is "Real pads are specific to
> a foundry and must be designed to fit to those of Alliance".  The rate
> at which I came up with discouraging lines by randomly perusing the
> document was also discouraging. . .

Please provide us with a list of issues you have with Alliance - I plan
to go to Paris for https://wiki.f-si.org/index.php/FSiC2019

On the speakers list there are a couple of the original authors of
Alliance. I would ask them all about your item list :-)

Best Regards,
Hagen Sankowski

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