[Libre-silicon-devel] Fwd: GitHub and Trade Controls

David Lanzendörfer leviathan at libresilicon.com
Sun Jul 28 06:43:08 CEST 2019

COCO center. Sorry. MOKO center is in 香港, they sound so similar.
But I mean the shopping mall with the 30 inch Pizzas and the Buffalo wild 
wings store ^_^'

On Sunday, 28 July 2019 12:38:27 PM HKT David Lanzendörfer wrote:
> And every time I wanna hack around a bit in the StarBucks in Moko center
> until my friends come (Shopping park station close to 福田) I encountered the
> problem, that I could not reliably git pull/git push (especially when
> pulling bigger changes), so I always had to do a git pull, before I crossed
> the check point.

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