[Libre-silicon-devel] GoFundMe campaign for the clean room

Staf Verhaegen staf at fibraservi.eu
Wed May 1 11:50:04 CEST 2019

David Lanzendörfer schreef op wo 01-05-2019 om 11:02 [+0800]:
> Hi

> We're now finalizing the first wafer with nitride spacers and have prepared 
> two wafers with STI, which will be thermally compensated, so that the 
> threshold voltage will be somewhere around the 0.7V/-0.7V threshold.
> I'm not a quitter, and getting this node to work is more of an existential 
> need for me, so if everything goes well, we can provide the diode and also a 
> general NMOS/PMOS model on Friday in a week.

Thing is that I have not seen any electrical measurements of any active
device yet. What I have seen up to now is just some top down pictures;
so my conclusion with the information I have is that currently the
patterning is still being developed. When I was involved in process
development the patterning development was the development step needed
before the real process development could be started. Only from the
moment I/V curves could be measured the real development of the devices
could be started. I have never seen that implantation settings that
come out of formulas/simulations were the right values from the start.
Typically the first measured data were needed to re-calibrate the TCAD
simulator :) and with the next iteration maybe some modulation was seen
of the gate voltage on the output current... Of course we are now
redoing mature nodes where things should be better understood but from
the other side I seem to have understood the implantation doses,
temperatures etc. were determined by generic formulas from literature
and not with TCAD simulators calibrated with the characteristics of the
materials and equipment inside the used clean room.

I admire you drive for getting this process working but I still think
you have a lot to learn yet and a lot of development work ahead. So I
still think the statement on the funding page is more wishful thinking
than reality. I still remember the original plan of having ring
oscillator working @ 35C3. I certainly don't want to stop you but would
like to explain where (part of) the skepticism in the micro-electronics 
world is coming from.


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