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at luke kenneth:
This is one of the key lessons that I learned from reverse engineering.  Do
NOT be tempted to innovate or deviate IN ANY WAY until the task is

It sounds boring, you want to do something new, be the innovator! but is
incredibly important NOT to do so.

Now you know why I recommended the 6502 not say the 6510, because the full
lithographic masks of the 6502 have been rev/engd and the netlist created,
to the point where there is now an online OPERATIONAL javascript 6502

Hagen's suggestion of doing the IO ASIC, just as goid, because the verilog
source is available.
Wise words, you are right.
So the 6502 is first as it is easy game because others revered it already.
But then I suggest to reverse commodore stuff, to gain a community of
commodore boys who want spares.

To do that I suggest grinding.



On Wed, May 1, 2019 at 10:44 AM ludwig jaffe <ludwig.jaffe at gmail.com> wrote:

> David, very brave work you do.
> We should find a business case to be able to collect money on a crowd
> funding platform
> like kickstarter.com
> So we *need* a product and a road map. The product needs to be catchy and
> address needs
> of a geek.
> So as I wrote today, I strongly suggest building C64 spares, beginning
> with the CIA-peripheral,
> as peripherals get broken most likely as they are exposed to
> experimentation, e.g. user port.
> How to package, do we have access to a package molding company or package
> molding tools,
> in order to put our chips into a nice DIL40 package
> https://www.c64-wiki.com/wiki/CIA
> http://www.6502.org/documents/datasheets/mos/
> We can by a C64 and do reverse engineering by grinding and photographing
> the layers of the
> chips if needed.
> http://www.degate.org/documentation/
> Lets do DIL40 stuff first, as I think there is some quite easy money :-)
> Cheers ludwig
> On Wed, May 1, 2019 at 9:05 AM David Lanzendörfer <
> david.lanzendoerfer at lanceville.cn> wrote:
>> Hello
>> > Thing is that I have not seen any electrical measurements of any active
>> > device yet.
>> Yes. The first active devices should be functional mid of next week.
>> We had to figure out a proper way to form silicide and to interconnect
>> the
>> wires with the transistors.
>> That was ground work and is basically done now.
>> Resistor measurements will be done tomorrow...
>> And by measuring the transfer function of a transistor and storing it
>> numerically into a file allows to create a SPICE model from it.
>> That's why I say, on Friday in a week we will most likely be able to
>> provide
>> the first models...
>> I think, the main reason why everyone is waiting for the project to run
>> out of
>> money or the people to walk away is rather, that established foundries,
>> of
>> which there are only a few, have not much interest into having another
>> competitor.
>> We had to research the things, the foundries keep a secret and worked the
>> rest
>> of the stuff out from scientific papers.
>> Took a while, but because there is now a lot of literature, it's quicker
>> than
>> the first time around, when the first foundries had to figure it out from
>> scratch.
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