[Libre-silicon-devel] Switching PMOS

David Lanzendörfer david.lanzendoerfer at lanceville.cn
Thu May 23 14:53:37 CEST 2019

Michael and I managed today to etch Nickel wires with a precision, which allows to make 
actual measurements of the devices on the wafer.
I made some pictures of the current results and make a Tweet about it:

So I've got a diode curve and switching transistors.
Of course I haven't compensated for the thermal budget, but that's what the three 
wafers in my cassette in the locker are for.


[1] https://twitter.com/LibreSilicon/status/1131542403796488192
[2] https://twitter.com/LibreSilicon/status/1131543365894324232
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