[Libre-silicon-devel] Analog design toolchain for 555

Hagen SANKOWSKI hsank at posteo.de
Sat May 25 15:52:35 CEST 2019

Hello List!

I updated both Versions, from Rigtho and Wikimedia as Sources, also. Now
all three 555 schematics are able to run inside a hierarchical Spice
Environment, controlled by the Makefile.

Please take a look at https://github.com/libresilicon/cmos-555

and give your feedback.

The announced Howto, as I figured it out, I wrote down here


for further usage. Well, I'll need it for the Standard Cells as well.

@tatzelbrumm, @ferenc:
What else (beside the correct Spice Model from the PearlRiver) we need
to do the dimensions? Last Sunday we talked about upscaling the MOSFET
Width (W) regarding the new Length of 1 Micron instead 0.5 Micron, but
thats all, isn't it?


On 5/25/19 12:57 AM, Hagen SANKOWSKI wrote:
> Hello Everybody!
> Good news for the 555 also.
> Today I got the Spice Simulation set right.
> All changes are checked in for the 555_Book-Version.sch, all other
> Versions I still have to fix.
> Just look at the
>> make sim
> target in the GNUmakefile. And yes, the Use-Case example still misses
> the right functionality.
> A short howto about how to got the simulation in Spice, which attributes
> in the Schematics I add (and which removed) will follow soon.. Well,
> first I have to sleep some hours :-)
> Regards,
> Hagen.
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