[Libre-silicon-devel] mask editor

Martin Geisse martingeisse at googlemail.com
Sat Nov 23 13:20:21 CET 2019

Hi all,

in case anybody is interested in this: I started working on a mask editor
that is similar in principle to Magic, but with a few notable differences:
- totally different, more "Paintbrush-like" approach to its user interface
- not build in C around a TCL interpreter, but written in Java and
extensible by writing Java code
- design is done using a "virtual" technology (in Magic terms) that is as
minimal as possible, hoping to derive the actual masks from this in a
mostly-automated way

Current results so far look promising. I was able to draw a NAND gate,
export it to Magic, export it from there to SPICE and simulate it as a


Code: https://github.com/MartinGeisse/chipdraw

I'm working on the DRC only now, so the NAND from above will likely have
some DRC violations I didn't notice.

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