[Libre-silicon-devel] Libresilicon status & PR

Ferenc Éger eegerferenc at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 16:56:46 CET 2020

Hello Everyone,

I just went across this reddit post on Libresilicon project:


Basically, there are two major points visible here. First: it sounds if 
it were a necrolog for the project. Based on this, it seems our 
third-person public image is that we are still in an university lab in 
HK, not showing any progress or result in the past 1-1,5 years. Is it 
possible for us to counter this argument somehow, and put that on some 
visible place (e.g. the twitter account or on the website)? Back in 
2019, the time the project moved to INL, there was a plan to make some 
sort of "legal entity" to interact with NLnet and INL. What is the 
status regarding this?

Second, it seems that the final objective of the project (developing the 
tech node and selling ICs (Arduino clone, 555, SoC, ...) made on it, or 
providing the fabrication as a service, or just develop the node and 
leave it floating, or selling the maskless stepper as a product, or 
whatever) and how the project wants to reach it is not entirely clear 
from outside. I think this needs to be addressed and clarified.

@David: Were you able to take contact to JBD? What is the status of the 
microscope-stepper system? Is info on it is public, or it is the private 
attraction of INL?


Ferenc Éger

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