[Libre-silicon-devel] Stepper / Litho system ideas

David Lanzendörfer david.lanzendoerfer at lanceville.cn
Tue Jan 14 11:08:45 CET 2020


> Studying electrical engineering i had the chance to go through the whole
> manufacturing process for 4µm gate length SOI nmos and pmos devices in a
> guided weekly lab course. It has been about two years since i was active in
> the lab, but i have some understanding of the general processes: standard
> clean, dry and wet etching, lithography with positive and negative
> processes, growing oxide... the bottom line is, i understand most of it but
> never worked in industry, or using cutting edge tools. And I am 99% sure
> RWTH's lab does not have a stepper. We used visible/near UV contact
> lithography in that course.
Sounds already good alright.

> If I understand correctly, you plan to use double patterning to make 1µm
> work on a regular projector's pixel grid and a condenser optics?
For 1µm we might actually still fly ok with normal exposure using a projector
but for higher resolutions we will have to use double patterning because you
can only reduce so far with a lens system.

> I guess that is both a very ambitious but at the same time very tempting
> project. Looking forward to seeing self-made litho steppers pop up in
> hackspaces ;D
Exactly. Yes.
We can use a DMD[1] which already can go down to 500nm, as I've seen
recently[2], assuming, we get the lens system right.

> I guess I could best help with electronics and control programming, since
> that is an area i have some practical experience (microcontrollers as well
> as desktop). But not nearly as much as most people you'd meet at CCC -- i
> just think this is a very interesting project and i have some shallow
> understanding of almost all the puzzle pieces involved.
I've checked on AliExpress and there are plenty of inexpensive DMD chips
available for sale.
One of those in combination with a good lens system and positioning system,
might actually do the trick.


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_micromirror_device
[2] https://www.nanosystem-solutions.com/en/product/maskless
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