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Marcin Jakubowski marcin at opensourceecology.org
Wed Jan 1 10:17:37 CET 2020

I think ours qualifies as an ambitious Maker Space, so let this be the
first official claim of record for Factor e Farm, our facility, to produce
the world's first complete libre fab down to near quantum tunneling limits,
and PV manufacturing facility on top of that:) Open silicon is just a
prerequisite for a democratic society, as I'm sure that most people on this
list understand.  Happy New Year to all of you.


On Wed, Jan 1, 2020 at 3:02 AM Hagen SANKOWSKI <hsank at posteo.de> wrote:

> On 1/1/20 12:58 AM, Marcin Jakubowski wrote:
> > For some of the machines - Ion implanter • Plasma etcher • Sputter
> > engine (Metal deposition) • Diffusion furnace • CVD/LPCVD machine •
> > Exposure unit - are these the high cost items that constitute the
> > majority of the $1B cost of  a fab? Or are there other major costs? My
> > starting assumption is that we can reduce the cost of a $1B fab 100x
> > with open source design and collaboration.
> >
> > Are you aware of any viable open source versions of the above equipment?
> Someone on the 36c3 pointed me to this sides
> https://www.fabsurplus.com
> https://www.used-line.com/list-semiconductor-and-pcb
> https://surplus.infineon.com/
> We do not have the Clean Room to host this nice used equipment. Even if
> there are price tags often with $100 only - you have to disassemble the
> stuff in the clean room there, ship to your location across a couple of
> borders and their regulations and assemble them on your own site again.
> Sometimes also this machines need some repair; and ofcourse cleaning,
> cleaning, and cleaning before you'll get the classification again.
> I guess, this equipment does not fit into your basement.
> Another guess is, a location like a very, very ambitious Maker Space or
> another University lab (like NFF at HKUST) to manufacture chips should
> be possible - or a partnership of a University and a Maker Space 'cause
> the task is to big for a single entity, so they have to cooperate on this.
> We have to find the right people to argue or to infect with the D.I.Y.
> virus.
> --
> support LibreSilicon to get back into the Clean Room
> https://www.gofundme.com/f/libresilicon-cleanroom-rent

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