[Libre-silicon-devel] OK. That happened (Funding)

David Lanzendörfer leviathan at libresilicon.com
Thu Nov 19 17:29:00 CET 2020

Hi Ferenc
> I did some paper-pencil calculations on what we know about these displays.
> I put it here:
> https://redmine.libresilicon.com/projects/maskless-lithography/repository/43
> /revisions/master/entry/JBD_uLED.txt Conclusion: it may even work.
Fantastic work! Well done!

> Some questions regarding the topic:
> What can we know about the uLED technology INL developed? I found not too
> much except it produces good-looking neuromorphic spiking behavior at very
> low current densities... What are the key parameters (wavelength, optical
> power output, resolution, defect density, uniformity, WPE)? Is this data
> public, or INL handles it proprietary? What about IP things (patents by
> INL, etc)?
It's infrared they're generating, not UV light, unfortunately, so if we could
use the uLED displays from JBD we would have a head start.
They're hardening polymers with a laser and use them as a wave guide
for light in the infrared spectrum.

> JBD's display technology is proprietary and patent-encumbered. What aspects
> does it have on adapting it as the basis of our stepper? What INL (or their
> government) will do if they realize it can be used not only as a display?
Considering that JBD is a Chinese company, not a European one, based on
my past experiences, they might make the uLED display way too expensive
for us to be competitive and might start developing and selling their own
steppers, which will suck and their business attempt will fail.
I'm much less worried about the government, when it comes to Chinese
companies, they're not the same maniacs like the ones in Brussels right
now trying to ban end to end encryption. Haha
When it comes to INL, as well as when it comes to JBD, we first have to
do our homework and select the most suitable component, after that
we will have to do some guanxi building and convince them that it's better
to work together and cooperate instead of trying to fuck each other over.
Building up loyalty among partners is an ancient old Chinese tradition,
so is fucking each other over BTW :D

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