[Libre-silicon-devel] OK. That happened (Funding)

ludwig jaffe ludwig.jaffe at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 09:11:41 CET 2020

Hi all,

thats very good news, so no need for dlp (mems mirrors) and mechanics.

Technical problems to be solved with this arrangement are:

a) The imaging unit is expected to generate considerable amount of
heat (6.25cm2 with 1300mW/cm2 intensity output and 2.7% WPE is approx.
300W power consumption, most of which is dissipated), resulting in
considerable thermal expansion, that needs to be managed (cooling, or
using low-LCTE materials).

b) Power supply and data connections need to be implemented without
jeopardizing mechanical compatibility.

6. Conclusion and open points

The use of JBD's AMuLED display as maskless lithography pattern source
is not infeasible outright.

Points to be further evaluated:

- Effect of incoherent illumination on projection optics

- Evaluation on JBD side if they want to develop a 2.5x2.5cm unit for us...

- ... and How Much Does It Cost?

- Defect density - mitigation or enhancement

- Feasiblity analysis of the proposed integration on INL/LS side

- Thermal management and electrical connection



Here I would like to suggest to add a aluminium or copper plate to the
backside of the
The plate has small etched trenches, and is covered by another plate
without trenches.
Both plates are glued together or friction welded together in a way
plate heat exchangers
are manufactured.

Pressurized water/salt mixture at -10C is pumped through the trenches
to cool the chip
in order to reduce expansion. A compressor based freezer cools the
liquid and a high pressure
pump (gear pump) will provide for a continuous flow without high
pressure variations
which would cause inaccuracy. Also the pump driven by a strong stepper
motor can be modulated to run only in times when the display is
switched off, so you get a duty cycle
of operation and cooling. The mass of the coolant and the metal can
absorb heat pulses.




On 9/14/20, David Lanzendörfer <leviathan at libresilicon.com> wrote:
> Hi folks
> So on Wednesday, 10 am Portuguese time, I'm having a ZOOM conference
> with the other folks of the Photonics lab at INL, where I'll be showing a
> presentation I'm right now tinkering together.
> The goal is to use LibreSilicon in combination with their Integrated
> Photonics, in order to build neuromorphic chips.
> By becoming part of Jana's research project (she's a professor for photonics
> at INL), she and I can make LibreSilicon part of the university projects
> which
> would make it subject to direct EU funding.
> Just a heads up.
> Cheers
> -lev

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