[Libre-silicon-devel] Maskless lithography

David Lanzendörfer leviathan at libresilicon.com
Sun Aug 1 15:46:34 CEST 2021

So I came across those two components which can solve our positioning problem 
with the wafer:

Those LEDs produce a light within the spectrum we need in order to shine 
through silicon (1000nm ~ 1400nm):

The OV5647 is sensible up to at least 1000 nm and is quite affordable:

There are OV5647 imaging modules available for Raspberry Pi.
I'll try to contact Marubemi directly and ask them for a quotation on their 
NIR/IR LEDs in the wavelength range we require and while I'm on it, I'll also 
check with them for a potentially more suitable CMOS sensor, then I'll 
compare the prices.
As I've discussed with Dilek, the goal is to produce an affordable stepper
suitable for hobbyists and small labs with limited budget.

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