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> Hmm... Good point... I mean THAT's also a thing which can happen in China


perhaps researching and developing some physical security measures might
be a good idea.  again (sigh) you will likely run into "security through
stupidit...^Wobscurity" in industry-standard measures ("if people don't
know what security we put in place they couldn't possibly work it out"...
rriiiight) so may actually have to ask a friendly physical pen-tester
"how the hell do i secure these chemicals and make sure that the
relevant authorities are immediately notified, and what evidence
will they require?"

in the UK you have to have a gun safe and a firearms license, even for
a black powder muzzle-loading musket, now [despite the fact that
50% of injuries during the English Civil War were actually down to
people using their musket as a club, i.e. not firing the damn things
at all because they ran out of black powder].

stupidity of regulations aside, actually either stopping someone entirely
from successfully stealing these chemicals, or providing evidence (security
camera footage) *that passes muster in a court of law* would make any
authorities a lot less unhappy if they actually ever have to be called.

camera footage you have to be exceptionally careful about (and, also,
not have cameras that are so expensive they actually end up being
stolen to order!) because "processing" of the data (including post
processing such as MPEG compression, scaling etc.) can be considered
"tampering with evidence" (sigh) and a case thrown out despite it
being blindingly obvious whodunnit.

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