[Libre-silicon-devel] Code of conduct

David Lanzendörfer leviathan at libresilicon.com
Tue Aug 24 22:16:46 CEST 2021

The goal of having a set of guide lines is to keep this project free of
pointless distracting debates, which aren't part of the topic of making
open silicon without back doors from intelligence agencies.
I think that as soon as we're going to make progress, this will be something,
we WILL have to fend of, so we better prepare sooner than later, because
experience shows that "dividi et imperam" is a common tactics used those days
in the age of informational warfare to slow down and neutralize potentially
dangerous groups... and a group developing the means to decentralize the
manufacturing and close all potential back doors for mass surveillance,
is certainly on the list of the five edged war factory :-)


On Tuesday, August 24, 2021 2:01:59 PM WEST Johann-Tobias Aaron Raphael Schäg 
> > Am 2021-08-23 11:16, schrieb Staf Verhaegen (FibraServi):
> >> Op 23/08/2021 om 10:32 schreef Christoph Maier: On Mon, Aug 23, 2021
> >> at 12:38 AM David Lanzendörfer
> >> <leviathan at libresilicon.com> wrote: OK
> >> The thing is, that we've got to make sure in the future, that
> >> questions
> >> about funding and so can be answered with the code of conduct.
> >> In order to be effective, we can not accept money where strings are
> >> attached, because we've got to make sure that we stay independent.
> >> Especially with my back ground I'd know some folks to ask for funding,
> >> but then the independence and trustworthyness of the project would
> >> be put into question. Also patents are a no-no.
> >> Also we should underline in the COD that the LibreSilicon label must
> >> not be used by people to get involved in political activism, and it
> >> doesn't
> >> matter how well ment it is.
> >> 
> >> Interestingly, a Code of Conduct is typically a well-meant (as opposed
> >> to well made) statement of political activism :-P
> >> 
> >> Ah well. Whatever it takes ...
> > 
> > Have you guys looked at No Code of Conduct:
> > https://github.com/domgetter/NCoC
> I don't think this code of conduct will serve community well. I thought
> Lanzendörfer's suggestions on disallowing repropriatorization on
> community controoled turf (such as maling lists) are a good idea. The
> call for a code of conduct came because content on the mailing list made
> people annoyed.
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